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45 LB. Blue Vinyl Kettlebell

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Achieve a full body workout with intense cardio benefits with the XMark's Premium Vinyl Coated Kettlebells. Research shows a 20 minute kettlebell workout burns almost 300 calories. Each kettlebell movement engages multiple muscles due to the weight imbalance and the results are a combination of muscle-sculpting and heart-pumping cardio in one high intensity workout. Kettlebell training with XMark's Premium Vinyl Coated Kettlebells is one of the most effective weight training workouts to burn fat, lose weight and build muscle. All XMark Premium Vinyl Coated Kettlebells are encased in high quality vinyl to reduce noise and protect floors. Swing, curl and lift your way to an amazing body with XMark, the mark of excellence.

  • Ideal for total body strength, power, and endurance
  • Weight imbalance engages multiple muscles at once
  • Increases balance and flexibility
  • High quality vinyl reduces noise and protects floors
  • Perfectly flat base with a thick, smooth handle

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XMark Kettlebells - XM-3331 - Functional Training with Kettlebell Workouts 05:34

Your upper body workouts will reach new heights thanks to the XMark® 5 lb. - 25 lb. Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set XM-3331-75S. Muscles unable to be worked by other exercise regimens are targeted by this excellent product, giving you an effective workout with their use. The exceptional craftsmanship of the XMark® 5 lb. - 25 lb. Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set XM-3331-75S allows it to fit comfortably into your hands while providing the proper amount of resistance to train your arms and back. Your strength will drastically improve thanks to work with the XM-3331-75S, leaving you with impressive arms and a body in top physical shape. One click of the mouse and this wonderful Kettlebell set can be yours: there is no need for hesitation when you can acquire one of the finely made offerings from XMark®, the mark of excellence.

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    Your upper body workouts will reach new heights thanks to the ...

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