Relieve lower back pain with a Roman Chair


Having a strong and flexible back is invaluable in enhancing our capacity to achieve peak fitness performance. Making sure the back is kept in excellent shape is critical in reaching our full potential during weight lifting and cardio workouts. Hyperextension exercises performed on a hyperextension bench or, as it is alternately called, a Roman Chair, are one of the best options on the fitness market to work the lower back, allowing users to stretch it out at varying angles with minimal difficulty of use. Exercising is a time consuming chore in and of itself, and compounding this by purchasing equipment that is a hassle to utilize is wholly unnecessary. This circumstance is nonexistent with Roman Chairs, and it enables you to harness your own body weight and use it as resistance to tone muscle and maintain a fit body.

The most routinely touted aspect of Roman Chair workouts involves the back muscle strengthening extensions. The seat that your abdomen rests on while working the back resembles a slight variation of a preacher curl pad. After lying down on it, legs are firmly locked behind two posts protruding at the machine’s rear, giving you a way to hold them in place while you move the body to extend the back. The upper half of the torso will be suspended in the air as your midsection rests on the padded cushion and legs are supported by the rolled posts. You then move your head toward the floor while stretching the upper body downward before rising up to either a 45 or 90 degree angle (or anywhere in between.) Though hamstring work is not one of the equipment’s prime selling points, it gives them a solid boon thanks to the effort recruited from them to lift the upper body. Glute muscles will also receive work courtesy of the back extensions.

To use the chair for the express purpose of developing a six pack midsection, lay down on it the opposite way with your back resting on the pad. The angle can be adjusted in order to place the bench in a more suitable position for sit up and crunch purposes, allowing it to double as an ab bench. Focused intensity will produce starkly chiseled abs when the Roman Chair is used to hone in on abs.

Roman Chairs offer a means by which to practice excellent oblique work. Simply lay your body sideways with the left or right portion of the hip resting on the pad; this will be determined by which side of the torso is being worked. Then, moving sideways, rotate the body in the direction of the floor and back up toward the starting position. Known as “side bends”, these exercises combine with with the Roman Chair’s ab work functionality to make solidification of the core key to the equipment’s reputation.

Doing core and back work on a Roman Chair is preferable to doing it on the floor thanks to the incredible level of support the chair provides. The torso can be lifted at differing degrees due to the angles at which the equipment can be adjusted, making this personalization potential a key element in its attractiveness to the fitness community. Hyperextension exercises will improve your flexibility over time while enhancing overall physique as you tailor the angles at which the back and stomach are to be worked.