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LUMBERJACK 7' Olympic Bar

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Product Description

It is functional for Cross Training, Olympic and Powerlifting training. This bar hits the middle of the road between flexible and stiff making it ideal for snatches, cleans, bench presses, squats, deadlifts, etc. 

A high quality shaft coating adds to the longevity of the bar. The shaft coating on XMark’s LUMBERJACK Bar is black manganese phosphate which provides better rust resistance than black oxide while also giving the bar shaft a slightly tacky feel. The semi aggressive knurling is dual spec with IWF and IPF knurling marks. When the coating and knurling are combined, this bar allows for a superior, firm grip minus the sharp, cheese grater knurling. 

The chrome sleeves rotate freely on self-lubricating brass alloy bushings and are secured to the bar using a dual snap ring system. This system is designed to ensure the sleeves never detach from the shaft. 

Crafted using a high quality alloy steel and dual snap ring system, the LUMBERJACK Bar offers ultimate performance for Cross Training, Olympic and Powerlifting routines. Uncompromising quality and affordability are what you have come to expect and receive from XMark, equipment for the tough. 

Weight capacity: Tested at 700 lbs. without deforming
Bar Material: heated alloy steel shaft; Chrome sleeves
Shaft Coating: Black Manganese Phosphate 
Sleeve Rotation: Brass bushings with dual snap ring system 
Knurling: Dual spec IWF and IPF semi aggressive knurling; no center knurling
Bar Length: 7’ Olympic bar 
Diameter: 28 mm
Sleeve Length: 16.5” 
Weight: 19.5 kg.
As with all black manganese phosphate shafts, take a couple of minutes to protect your investment by wiping down your bar regularly with a light coat of WD-40 or a 3-in-1 oil.

Product Reviews

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  1. Outstanding Bar!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 15th 2020

    Growing my basement gym and this bar was a great addition! Well balanced, quality finish that feels solid in your hands. The knurls are not so rough as to be uncomfortable, but give a no-slip grip that feels right. Weights go on smooth as do the collars. You won't go wrong with this bar. Oh, and it looks pretty cool, too, matched up with my XMARK weights...highly recommend!

  2. Excellent Quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 24th 2020

    Just made additions to my basement gym and bought this bar after tons of research. The weight, balance and build quality is commercial quality. They make great stuff. No issues.

  3. Lumberjack is a BEAST! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 6th 2020

    Solid as they come. Love the grip.

  4. great bar 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 25th 2019

    Bar is solid, great grip, looks great. Xmark quality is becoming an addiction. can't recommend this bar enough!

  5. ROCK SOLID BAR 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 10th 2018

    cool look and rock solid. Straight out of the box to the gym floor. Metal a little slick due to oil on bar, make sure you have some rags available prior to first use.

  6. lumberjack olympic bar 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 1st 2018

    On the day I received this bar, it exceeded expectations. Right out of the package and on to the rack, I was able to out clean my old bar by 30 lbs. The knurl is tacky and provides excellent grip without chalk. For the price you cannot ask for much more. Comparable to rogue. The lumberjack out performs most of the bars that I have worked with.

  7. Quality for a great price 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 8th 2017

    Awesome bar!! The coating is ideal for non-slip grip, no chalk or straps needed. Do not let price fool you, ideal for bench, deadlifts, and squats. Sleeves do not have a lot of spin nor do they "move" in/out from bar due to the c-clips that hold them in place;nor is there any "slop" in play side to side either. I use for my home gym so the brass bushings work fine for me and wifey. Also, bar is rated for a decent amount of weight most people never even get to so. Nurling is med but feels more aggressive due to the manganese phosphate coating which gives it a grippy chalky feel. I will invest in another one, most likely voodoo or elite but would also be totally fine with another lumberjack!

  8. Yes It's me again 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 12th 2017

    I recently bought one of these bars for my gym and EVERYONE loved it. We have a wide range of bars and this one is by far the best bang for your buck! The knurling is all the way to the bushings, it's not super aggressive and has both Olympic marks. The bar spins well for bushings and has very little play between the bushings and the bar so it's very solid when thrown around. I've had the other bar for 6 months or so with 14 weekly workouts and it's held its own. So which leads me to buying two more and I'll probably buy another 5 following. Good job guys

  9. Best Bar For The $$$ 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 15th 2017

    I bought a few bars from some other places and kept having problems with the bolts coming out of the bar. I decided to spend a bit more money so I found this one.... let me tell you! For the price you pay you get WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY more bar. Its out of stock right now but I really hope they get more in soon. The spin is a bit stiff but with some oil im sure itll losen up butthe knurl is perfect and the bar can take a beating. I do crossfit workouts and I can say if your choosing between the $180 bars that the other companies offer and this one... You will not be dissatisfied with this one. I WILL BE BUYING MORE!

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