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Reconditioned - LUMBERJACK 7' Olympic Bar, Chrome with Black Manganese Phosphate shaft

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Product Description

It is functional for Cross Training, Olympic and Powerlifting training. This bar hits the middle of the road between flexible and stiff making it ideal for snatches, cleans, bench presses, squats, deadlifts, etc. 

A high quality shaft coating adds to the longevity of the bar. The shaft coating on XMark’s LUMBERJACK Bar is black manganese phosphate which provides better rust resistance than black oxide while also giving the bar shaft a slightly tacky feel. The medium depth fine knurling is dual spec with IWF and IPF knurling marks. When the coating and knurling are combined, this bar allows for a superior, firm grip minus the sharp, cheese grater knurling. 

The chrome sleeves rotate freely on self-lubricating brass alloy bushings and are secured to the bar using a dual snap ring system. This system is designed to ensure the sleeves never detach from the shaft. 

Crafted using a high quality alloy steel and dual snap ring system, the LUMBERJACK Bar offers ultimate performance for Cross Training, Olympic and Powerlifting routines. Uncompromising quality and affordability are what you have come to expect and receive from XMark, equipment for the tough. 

XMark Reconditioned products offer the same quality product as new at a discounted price.   Reconditioned products may have minor blemishes or not arrive in the original packaging, but will offer the same warranty as a new product.

Weight capacity: Tested at 700 lbs. without deforming
Bar Material: heated alloy steel shaft; Chrome sleeves
Shaft Coating: Black Manganese Phosphate 
Sleeve Rotation: Brass bushings with dual snap ring system 
Knurling: Dual spec IWF and IPF medium depth fine knurling; no center knurling
Bar Length: 7’ Olympic bar 
Diameter: 28 mm
Sleeve Length: 16.5” 
Weight: 19.5 kg.

Product Reviews

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  1. Nice bar at a discounted price 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 14th 2019

    The reconditioned bar arrived well packaged. There is some light, minor scratches all over it. It was to be expected since it is used. But more noticeably inside one of the chrome sleeves next to the bushing. Almost like it got scratched when replacing the bushing.

    Other than the cosmetic flaws, It is a nice barbell. Feels beefy and I don't hear any rattling from it. I got it mainly just for some bench pressing, squats and deadlifts in my basement gym. The knurling is a tad aggressive but overall I am happy with this. Eventually I will upgrade to a better bar and use this for landmines or something. In the meantime, I am very happy with this barbell.

  2. Lumberjack (reconditioned) review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 8th 2018

    Flawless, I see no issues with it like a brand new bar pretty much. Good knurling, nice look and feel, seems like very high quality product for the price.