Why XMark Fitness

Why XMark Fitness

The World of Home Fitness Equipment is Tough to Navigate

With so many products on the market, it can be confusing to seek out the precise weight bench or squat rack that fits each specific need. We long for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the equipment we select brings about the best result at the best price. After all, fitness equipment is an investment, one that we expect to pay dividends in the form of physical improvements and advancements in our daily lifestyle.

XMark Products Will Grant You The Finest Return on Each Fitness Investment

Every offering from XMark leads the way in giving you home and light institutional fitness products designed to far exceed any previously held expectations. Muscles will receive tone and added bulk thanks to our diverse fitness offerings. The option of utilizing machine or free weights will rest in your hands; either route is bound to deliver efficient workouts and undeniable results. From comfortable seat cushions to sturdy and reliable frames, XMark has every aspect of your fitness routine covered.

The Quality of Our Products Is Unmatched

The craftsmanship and functionality inherent in XMark is what leaves us so confident that you are going to be satisfied. Attention to detail was put into every aspect of our equipment, and their ergonomics are second to none. But our passion for leading the way in all areas of fitness provision does not stop with our equipment’s construction. Being responsive to our customer’s needs is equally as important: the way we treat each consumer represents an unswerving commitment to meeting their needs and valuing convenience. Our product lines will change the way you think about fitness, upgrading your workout routine to new levels with each usage.

Benefits of Choosing XMark Fitness Products

11 Gauge Steel Frame

FrameXMark FitnessOther Manufacturers
Thickness 11 gauge 14 gauge
Material 2" x 2" & 2" x 3" 2" x 2"
Feet Bolted-On Push-On

XMarks main focus is to bring consumers fitness equipment at the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality. This model is constructed of the finest 11 gauge 2" x 2" and 2" x 3" steel instead of the normal 14 gauge (2" x 2" only) seen throughout the fitness equipment industry.

XMark takes pride in producing the safest fitness equipment possible and ensuring consumers get the best piece of equipment for their money. In fact, XMark products stands behind it's equipment by offering generous warranties for the entire product line (see warranty information above for more information).

The feet on XMark products are bolted on instead of the regular 'slide-on' type on other manufacturers' products. Bolted on feet are more durable, less skid resistant (which makes your equipment safer) and stay put so you're not constantly fighting them when moving your equipment.

Oversized 4.33" Rollers

RollersXMark FitnessOther Manufacturers
Thickness 4.33" 3"
Material Wrapped in Vinyl Foam
Endcaps Chrome Plated Plastic

The industry standard foam rollers are nice but they have no barrier between themselves and the user's sweat while they workout. Imagine those rollers after daily use for even a time period such as a month. With the XMarks' superior quality vinyl rollers, you can put your mind at ease. Our rollers are wrapped in soft, comfy vinyl that resist sweat and are easily cleaned with a wet rag.

In addition, the chrome plated end caps, by far, surpass other manufacturers' plastic end caps. They're more durable and give your fitness equipment a nice, elegant finish.

Hi-Density Foam Padding

PadsXMark FitnessOther Manufactuers
Pad Thickness 3" 2"
Wood Thickness 3/4" 1/2"
Pad Material Hi-Density Foam Scrap Foam
Pad Cover Vinyl Vinyl
Cover Binding Sewn (Double Stiched) Sewn or Stapled

Do you know what is in the padding of your fitness equipment? We opened up various manufacturers' cushions and we were astonished at what we found.

The cushions were constructed of scrap foam pieces glued together and inferior wood as their bases.

XMark is proud to announce we use only high quality, hi-density foam and select pieces of 3/4" plywood in our cushions. We also give our customers a whopping 3" of padding versus the normal 2" industry standard making our cushions the most comfortable on the market.