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XMark Machine Attachment Package with Single Grip Handles/Chinning Triangle/Tricep Rope XM-3705

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Product Description

The XMark Sure-Grip Machine Attachment Package XM-3705 is the ultimate cable attachment package. Attachments include a pair of Sure-Grip Single Grip Handles, Sure-Grip Revolving Seated Row/Chinning Triangle and Sure-Grip Tricep Rope.

Designed for high traffic, repetitive use the forged steel swivel on each attachment is precision-engineered to provide smooth continuous rotation throughout the life of the product. The specially designed #18 diamond knurl-textured rubber grips feature firm, non-slip comfort ideal for heavy loads. Triple chrome plated and polished to a mirror shine, the premium cold-rolled steel is processed to be stronger and harder. Train longer, push harder and be stronger with XMark, the mark of excellence.

XMark Sure-Grip cable attachments are not only the best attachments your money can buy but in a side-by-side comparison will outshine the competition in quality, comfort and longevity. Feel the Sure-Grip difference today from XMark.


- Pair of Sure-Grip Single Grip Handles
- Sure-Grip Revolving Seated Row/Chinning Triangle
- Sure-Grip Tricep Rope

Ideal for exercises including:

- Bicep curls
- Single arm tricep presses
- Bench cable flys
- Cable crossovers
- Neutral grip cable rows
- Single arm tricep extensions
- Standing cable rows
- Overhead tricep presses
- Face pull exercises
- Rope hammer curls
- Rope lat pull downs
- And more!


- Perfectly balanced #18 diamond knurl-textured rubber grip
- Flawless precision-engineered revolving forged steel swivel
- Handles heavy loads with smooth continuous rotation without binding
- Triple chrome plated and polished to a mirror shine
- Premium 1020 solid cold-rolled steel construction
- Impeccable craftsmanship ensuring the highest quality and reliable performance

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